Ali is a graduate of Randolph Academy for Performing Arts and a senior ensemble member at Loose Moose Theatre Company. Ali has taught and performed improvisation on numerous stages across Canada as well as in Norway, Holland, and the United Arab Emirates.  Ali is the Artistic Director of both The Canmore International Improv Festival and Sour Dog Theatre. Selected credits include: An Undiscovered Shakespeare (Stratford Festival/Rebecca Northan), 7 Stories (Sour Dog Theatre/Dennis Cahill & Shawn Kinley),  Dog Sees God (Sour Dog Theatre/Ali Froggatt), Into The Woods (Randolph Theatre/Tim French), Stuff Happens (Annex Theatre/Steve McCarthy). Ali is keen to wear many hats entertainment industry. Apart from performing she has worked as a lighting and sound technician, screenwriter, producer, director, and recently studied Film and Video production at SAIT Polytechnic in Calgary.