Long-serving music director of La La La Human Steps, Kong Kie was born in Indonesia, grew up in Macau and now calls Toronto home. Select compositions: music to the play Infinity (Hannah Moscovitch). Opera/music theatre creationsMr. Shi and His Lover (Wong Teng Chi), knotty together (Anna Chatterton), La Señorita Mundo (Kico Gonzalez-Risso). Dance soundtrackUntouchedStill Life (Aszure Barton), Les Memes yeux que toi (Anne Plamondon), Playing LandscapeFilm soundtrack: Amelia (Edouard Lock), Fisk: Untitled Portrait (Alejandro Alvarez). In development: The Year of the Cello, a play with music for solo cello (Marjorie Chan); The Futures Market (Douglas Rodger), an opera. Upcoming: Concert Theatre Picnic in the Cemetery (Canadian Stage), spring 2018. www.musicpicnic.com