Siobhan Richardson is an Intimacy Director, co-founder of Intimacy Directors International ( and of Canadian Intimacy for Stage and Screen (, and the only person in Canada recognized as an Intimacy Director by Tonia Sina, founder of the Intimacy For The Stage method. Siobhan is quickly building an impressive resume in this field, including several directing and teaching credits across Canada, Europe, and the USA. Directing credits include Bunny (Tarragon), Serenity Wild (Tender Container), Odd One Out (Human Wick Effect), Dancock’s Dance (The Hogtown Collective), How I Learned To Drive (Trinity College Dramatic Society, University of Toronto), Aunt Dan and Lemon (Shadowtime Productions), The Container (Theatre Fix), The Trial of Judith K (Thought For Food Productions), and assistant to Intimacy Choreographer Tonia Sina on The Bakkhai (Stratford Festival, directed by Jillian Keiley). Recent teaching credits include workshops across Canada and the United States, in Norway, and Germany, with upcoming visits to Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Siobhan is thrilled to be part of the movement that’s creating safer more respectful workspaces, and bringing Intimacy Directors into the rehearsal hall to support actors and directors in these sensitive moments which are so vital to plot and character development. Look for her interview on CBC’s The Current. Siobhan is also an actor/fighter/singer/dancer, and a fight instructor/director. In all her work, Siobhan is dedicated to the growth and development of the art form and for the artists in order to support a vibrant and healthy artistic community.