Tarragon is pleased to offer patrons the opportunity to enjoy a pre-show meal from our neighbourhood restaurant, Fat Pasha. Patrons can order from a special Tarragon menu, and have their order delivered to the theatre. All orders must be placed before 4pm on the day of the performance. The food will arrive at the theatre at 7pm, and patrons can pick up their meal from the bar, and are then invited to eat upstairs in the Studio Lobby. If you wish to place your order further in advance, please be sure to indicate the date of your performance on the order form.


Please click here to place your order with Fat Pasha

Once the order form is sent, Fat Pasha will contact you directly to confirm your order and arrange payment.

Special Tarragon / Fat Pasha Menu 


Dinner Plates

1. Brisket Plate $17
2. Falafel Plate (vegetarian)** $16
3. Fattoush $18 (dairy and gluten can be removed)
4. Salatim* $18 (Selection includes: Charred Eggplant and Tahini, Garlic Fried Tomatoes and Labneh with Za’atar)

Pita can be substituted to cucumber slices
Each dinner plate comes with tahina, pickles, olives, garlic fried tomatoes, and pita.

Optional Sides / Add-Ons: 

1. Fattoush $18 (contains seeds, gluten, dairy – can be modifed)
2. Salatim $18 (vegetarian)
3. Classic Hummus $12 (vegetarian)
4. Assorted Pickles & Olives $12 (vegetarian)
5. Extra Pita $3 (vegetarian)

*Contains dairy
**Contains Gluten

Note that prices do not include taxes. All same-day orders are final. Please contact the restaurant to request any changes to your order.