Tarragon Lectures

Tarragon shows are full of big ideas. During the run of each show, Tarragon invites great minds to further our thinking on the show’s subject matter and artistic approaches through pre-show lectures. Lectures take place prior to the matinee performance on Saturdays.

All lectures run approximately 1 hour in length and take place at Tarragon Theatre.

Upcoming events for the 2017/18 Season:


Lecture: Saturday, September 30, 1pm at Tarragon
Rebecca Northan on Spontaneous Theatre

Mr. Shi and His Lover

Lecture: Saturday, November 18, 1pm at Tarragon
William Lau (Program Manager for Canada Council for the Arts) discusses Beijing Opera

Marine Life

Lecture: Saturday, November 25, 1pm at Tarragon
Sabrina Bowman (Executive Director of GreenPAC) on environmental leadership.


Lecture: Saturday, January 6, 1pm at Tarragon
Tom McGee (associate Artistic Director of Theatre Brouhaha) moderates a panel on Indie Theatre


Lecture: Saturday, January 13, 1pm at Tarragon
Andrew Bretz (Queen’s University) on the history of adapting Shakespeare

Cottagers and Indians

Lecture: Saturday, Feb 24, 1pm at Tarragon
James Whetung about Manoomin and Food Sovereignty.


Lecture: Saturday, March 3, 1pm at Tarragon
Professor Michelle MacArthur (University of Windsor) discusses gender, sexuality, and feminism.

Girls Like That

Lecture: Saturday, April 28th, 1pm at Tarragon
A conversation with Dr. Kathleen Gallagher about Digital Girlhood.

For The Millennial Malcontent

Lecture: Saturday, March 11, 1pm – 2pm at Tarragon
Michelle MacArthur discusses adaptation and the work of Erin Shields

Sunday Series: Sunday, March 12, 1pm – 2pm at Tarragon
Adaptation in Practice: moderated by David Jansen, with Professor Brian Corman (University of Toronto) and Andrea Romaldi (Tarragon’s Literary Manager).

For Peace River Country

Lecture: Saturday, February 18, (time TBC) at Tarragon
Journalist Byron Christopher discusses the life and times of Wiebo Ludwig

Sunday Series: Sunday, February 19, 11:30am – 1pm at Tarragon
Screening of the film Wiebo’s War created by David York

For Sequence

Lecture: Saturday, January 14, 1pm – 2pm at Tarragon
Professor Nancy Kawalek (University of Chicago) discusses the intersection of science and theatre.

Sunday Series: Sunday, January 15, 1pm – 2pm at Tarragon
Curated conversation on science and theatre with Arun Lakra

For The Realistic Joneses

Lecture: Saturday, November 19
Please note that due to illness this lecture has been CANCELLED.

Sunday Series: Sunday, November 20, 11:30am – 1pm at Tarragon
Screening of the film Robin and Mark and Richard III, created by Martha Burns and Susan Coyne.

Over the course of three years, Martha Burns and Susan Coyne filmed the late theatre director Robin Phillips and performer Mark McKinney (The Kids in the Hall) rehearsing a piece from Shakespeare’s Richard III at Robin’s home outside of Stratford. Eventually joined by the actor Christine Horne, a tender intimacy develops between the three, based on a deep mutual respect.

For The Circle

Lecture: Saturday, October 29, 12pm – 1pm at Tarragon
University of Toronto Professor Kathleen Gallagher and Anne Wessels (Tarragon) discuss images of youth in Canadian theatre

Sunday Series: Sunday, October 30, 11:30am – 1pm at Tarragon
Staged reading of Michael Mysterious by Geoffrey Simon Brown (playwright of The Circle), directed by David Jansen (Tarragon)

For The Watershed

Lecture: Saturday, October 1, 12pm – 1pm at Tarragon
Krystyn Tully, Lake Ontario Waterkeeper, discusses the Experimental Lakes Research

Sunday Series: Sunday, October 2, 12pm – 1pm at Tarragon
Queen’s University professor Jenn Stephenson and McGill University PhD candidate Olivia Heaney discuss Annabel Soutar’s work