General Auditions will be taking place on December 6, 7, 10 & 11, 2018.

Tarragon is committed to inclusive casting.  We encourage submissions from professional artists of all genders, ethnicities and abilities.

We audition both Equity and non-Equity actors by appointment only.

Those who have been seen at the last round of General Auditions (September 2017) need not apply.


Please email your CV & headshot (in ONE document) to by November 27, 2018.

Please indicate in the subject heading if you are Equity or non-Equity.

Please do NOT email you submission to any other email at Tarragon.

Equity actors will be asked to prepare two contrasting monologues from published work (two 2½ minute pieces totaling five minutes, at least one contemporary). Non-Equity actors will be asked to prepare one contemporary monologue (2½ minutes in total).

Agents, please:

-consult with your client prior to submitting

-send a select number of clients who have not been seen in the last two years

-email your Equity and non-Equity submissions separately