Each Spring, Tarragon hosts our annual Play Reading Series. It’s a chance for our playwrights-in-residence to hear their plays read in front of an audience and it’s a chance for you to get a sneak peek into their newest creations. And it’s free! Seats are available on a first come, first served basis – you can arrive up to 45 minutes before the reading to claim a seat – we recommend arriving early!

Readings are scheduled Tuesday June 5 – Thursday June 7 and Tuesday June 12 – Friday June 15 all at 8pm.

Please note:

Kat Sandler’s reading of Yaga on Thursday, June 14 has been cancelled.

2018 Play Readings

Tuesday June 5 – AN ACCIDENTAL DEATH by François Archambault, translated by Bobby Theodore

Young celebrities Philip Ashby and Lucie Love are the perfect couple. But when Philip accidentally kills Lucie, he tries to make it look like someone else did it. Philip confesses what he’s done to his parents. But they decide to embrace his lie. After all, it was an accident, wasn’t it?


Wednesday June 6 – COPY THAT by Jason Sherman

After being arrested for driving while black, a TV writer tries to use the incident as fodder for a cop show he’s working on. But when his fictionalized story of systemic racism is bleached of all controversy, he is forced to face uncomfortable truths about the deep connections between popular entertainment and the status quo.

Thursday June 7- FINDING ISLAM by Kawa Ada

After his conversion, young Henri disappears overseas, possibly to join Muslim extremists. This leaves his mother and a CSIS agent to find out where he’s gone and how to get him back. Alive. A fast-moving mystery about mother and son, faith and the future of Islam.

Tuesday June 12 – AMERICAN TELEVISION by Fab Fillipo

A history/fiction about the birth of the TV sitcom. A Sid Caesar-type radio comedian finds his creative soulmate in an Elaine May-esque comedy writer.  Together they invent the first TV juggernaut while building a love that helps the other survive. A comedy about a comedy within a comedy that explores how the advent of a paradigm-shifting technology affected gender, race, love, art and the funny.

Wednesday June 13 – CLEAN by Christine Quintana

A chance encounter between a Mexican hotel worker and a Canadian wedding guest triggers both women to confront old traumas and take action for their future. An intimate look into what happens when female solidarity meets at the frontera between the Global North and Global South.

Friday June 15 – THREE WOMEN OF SWATOW by Chloé Hung

Three generations of women must come together to solve a bloody situation. This darkly comedic play takes a look at the legacy of abuse, the power of family, and how to prevent the resurrection of a headless chicken.