Tarragon Theatre offers a host of play development programs to support playwrights, theatre creators and their plays.

Andrea Romaldi, Literary Manager, oversees Tarragon’s play development programs and is always on the lookout for new voices and new work.  While she does not accept unsolicited script submissions, Andrea welcomes contact from interested playwrights and theatre creators. You can always reach her at andrea@tarragontheatre.com.  If you wish to introduce yourself and your work to Tarragon, here are a few avenues to consider:

  • If you are new to playwriting, theatre or Toronto, and would like some information on how to pursue your work in the city, you can contact Andrea for information. She will be happy to point you in the direction of programs and opportunities that support new plays and playwrights, both at Tarragon Theatre and in the Toronto theatre community.
  • If you are presenting your play, either as a reading or a full production, feel free to invite Andrea to a performance. Please include a brief introduction of yourself and your company, as well as a synopsis of your play and a complete list of reading/performance dates (if applicable).
  • If you are looking for funding and support for your work as a playwright, Tarragon Theatre provides several opportunities. Please refer to our webpages on the Urjo Kareda Residency Grant for an Emerging Theatre Artist, Playwrights Unit and Recommender Grants for Theatre Creators for more information.