by Michael Ruderman
directed by Elizabeth Saunders

In the near future, a woman grapples with her mounting sense of failure. Hoping to disentangle herself from an unfulfilling life, she seeks the help of her oldest friend: her iPhone. Ghosting is a technological memory play that explores relationships, the infiltration of personal computers into our emotional lives, and our shared hidden desires that can turn us into ghosts.

A message from Moose + Moa Theatre Company:

It is with great regret we must inform you that our production of GHOSTING has been cancelled, due to sudden and unforeseen circumstances. It is incredibly disappointing to get to this point in a production only to have it not come to fruition, but that is unfortunately what has happened.

Thank you all for your support, love and generosity.

Cast and Crew

  • Michael Ruderman
  • Elizabeth Saunders
  • Isaac Robinson
  • Jeremy Powell
  • Emma Monet
  • Stephane Garneau-Monten
  • Julia Howman
  • Sarah Deller, Ingrid Doucet, Chanakya Mukherjee, Brooke Palsson, Suzanne Roberts-Smith & Parmida Vand