Midsummer (a play with songs)

Tarragon premiere

Apr 18 – May 28, 2017 in the Mainspace
Opens Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Midsummer’s weekend in Edinburgh. It’s raining. Bob’s a failing car salesman on the fringes of the city’s underworld. Helena’s a high-powered divorce lawyer with a taste for other people’s husbands. She’s totally out of his league. He’s not her type at all. They absolutely should not sleep together. Which is, of course, why they do. Midsummer is the hilarious story of a great lost weekend of ill-advised romance: bridge-burning, car chases, wedding bust-ups, midnight trysts, poignant pop songs, honest humour, and self-loathing hangovers.

★★★★ “Exhilarating… you float out laughing as if you’ve just swallowed sunshine on a spoon.” – The Guardian

Cast and Crew

I, Claudia (Kristen Thomson - 2001)
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