Old Man and the River

Created by Thomas Morgan Jones & Lynda Hill
Nov 14, 2018 – Nov 17, 2018 in the Workspace
Opened Saturday, November 17, 2018

The acclaimed Dora nominated Old Man and the River returns!

Come and experience Old Man and the River, an engaging and heartwarming story about adjusting to change and making new friends.

In a forest where rivers sing, trees giggle, and curious dragonflies come to visit, a grumpy Old Man lives in his little house.
Every day is exactly the same and he likes it that way, until one day…a magical creature leaps into his life and everything changes!

Performed without words using artful tabletop puppetry and music, Old Man and the River was researched and created especially for young children. The use of symbols and patterns as well as gesture and action as a form of storytelling makes it a truly engaging and age appropriate experience.

The gentle, welcoming atmosphere, interactive pre-show program, and post-show demonstration makes Old Man and the River a perfect introduction to live theatre for your students.

Old Man and the River is an accessible performance for young children of all needs and abilities and is supported by an on-line Social Story.

Old Man and the River is aligned with the Full Day Kindergarten Curriculum with particular emphasis on Belonging and Contributing and Self-Regulation and Well-being.

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Original Puppetry by Mike Petersen and Eric Woolfe

Theatre Direct Canada is an approved TDSB Education Partner.

Cast and Crew

  • Thomas Morgan Jones
  • Lynda Hill
  • Kelly Wolf
  • Nicky Phillips
  • Jennifer Lennon
  • Elizabeth McDermott
  • Hilary Adams, Jeffery O'Hara, Alexandra Montagnes & Mike Peterson