Sexual Misconduct of the Middle Classes

World Premiere

directed by Sarah Garton Stanley
Dec 31, 2019 – Feb 9, 2020 in the Mainspace
Opened Wednesday, January 8, 2020


“Do you know you’re coming on to me?”

An author and star professor, wracked with self-loathing after a third divorce, catches himself admiring a student – a girl in a red coat. Turns out the girl is a huge fan of his work. She also lives just down the street and gets locked out one afternoon…

Hannah Moscovitch takes an archetypal scenario, the ‘student-teacher romance’, and turns it on its head, re-envisioning it for our post-#MeToo era.

Photo featuring Alice Snaden and Matthew Edison by Jim Ryce.

Sexual Misconduct of the Middle Classes runs approximately 80 minutes with no intermission.
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Cast and Crew

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