Program Description:

The Young Playwrights Unit (YPU) is a FREE training experience for young people who are curious and passionate about play-making. We take a page from our professional play development programs to offer a group of dedicated young creators a rigorous context in which to develop some of their first works.

What the YPU Offers:

Weekly writing sessions, with instructors Paula Wing and Caitie Graham, will provide an opportunity for guided material generation and revision through creation, discussion and critique.

  • Exercises and assignments will be tailored to the specific needs and interests of each participant.
  • A strong dramaturgical relationship will be established between playwrights and instructors for the duration of the YPU (January-June 2018)
  • Participants will be connected with various theatre professionals, such as Tarragon playwrights-in-residence, and indie theatre playwrights/producers.
  • Participants will be given FREE tickets to Tarragon shows
  • Each play will receive a workshop with a professional director.
  • Each play will be read publicly at the conclusion of the Unit

Submission Requirements:

Applicants must be aged 22 or under as of December 2017

  • Applicants must be available to attend weekly writing sessions at Tarragon Theatre between January and May (Sunday mornings)
  • Applicants must be prepared to do a substantial amount work between writing sessions, in order to meet regular deadlines.

 What to Submit:

  • A letter of intent (max 1pg single-spaced), outlining the play you intend to develop with the YPU. Include a brief synopsis of the piece, a description of where you think you’re at with it, and an overview of what you’d like to explore in the Unit.
  • A writing sample (max 10pgs double-spaced), either from the play you intend to develop with the YPU, or from a previous work.
  • Please submit via email to:

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 17th, 2017 @ 5:00pm


The Young Playwright’s Unit is generously supported by

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The 2017 Young Playwright’s Unit: 

Pictured here are playwrights Tyisha Murphy, Sarah Hilton, Ruby Urlocker & head instructor Caitie Graham. Missing in action are Sara Durante & Jenn Boulay.

Young Playwrights: Tyisha Murphy, Sarah Hilton, Ruby Urlocker (pictured above with Caitie Graham), Sara Durante & Jenn Boulay

Instructors/Directors: Caitie Graham, Paula Wing, Marcia Johnson, Esther Jun

The 2016 Young Playwright’s Unit: 

Young Playwrights Unit 2015

Young Playwrights: Sam Beland, Zavian Buchanan, Julie Pham

Instructors/Directors: Anne Wessels, Caitie Graham, Marcia Johnson, Andrea Donaldson, Paula Wing

The 2015 Young Playwright’s Unit:

YPU group shot

Young Playwrights: Raluca Petria, Jonathan Martins, Nam Nguyen, Courtney Buxey-Hill, Chrstian Lischak

Supported by Tarragon Playwrights-in-Residence: Maria Milisavljevic, Jordan Tannahill, Anna Chatterton, David Yee

Instructors/Directors: Anne Wessels, Caitie Graham, Rashida Shaw, Marcia Johnson, Andrea Donaldson, Paula Wing

The  2014 Young Playwrights Unit:


Julie Zenderoudi, Theo Gallaro, and  Erum Khan