Scarborough Project 2017/18

50+ theatre students will collectively create, produce and perform a live, site-specific, public theatre event in various locations on Kingston Road as part of Arts on the Road on May 12, 2018. Made possible through the collaboration between Tarragon, RH King Academy, Agincourt Collegiate, Scarborough Arts Council, and University of Toronto Scarborough Campus.

In the fall and spring, Scarborough youth interested in playwrighting will take part in workshops held at Scarborough Arts. The work created through these classes, led by Tarragon artists, will be produced and performed by the participating schools under the direction of students from University of Toronto Scarborough.

Come and join us!

Scarborough Project 2016/17

To Celebrate Tarragon’s 45th Anniversary, plays from the early days of the theatre were reimagined and restaged by youth in the context of contemporary Scarborough. The Scarborough Project is a collaborative effort between Tarragon, Scarborough Arts, Scarborough Schools, and The University of Toronto Scarborough, to engage both the community and youth, through theatre.

An early Tarragon script, The Donnellys by James Reaney became new in the hands of Scarborough youth. On a blustery and cold afternoon on May, in a Scarborough lakeside park, a group of over 50 youth performed #TheDonnellyProject for an audience of over 200 people.

This project  explored this Tarragon script in the dynamic context of suburban Toronto. Kat Sandler adapted The Donnellys for two secondary schools and students from University of Toronto Scarborough to rehearse and perform. Kat visited the schools, rehearsed with the students and directed the overall production. Tarragon’s Communications Director, Lauren Vandervoort, visited the R. H. King Arts Management class to support their efforts to publicize the play.

Ellen Jaffe’s review in the Ontario Arts Review captured the spirit of the piece and the intentions of this collaborative project: Ontario Arts Review

Scarborough Project Inaugural Year 2016: #TheDonnellyProject

An adaptation of James Reaney’s “The Donnelly’s Part 1: Sticks and Stones” which debuted at Tarragon in 1973

Adapted by Dora Award Winner: Kat Sandler
Produced by: Tarragon and Scarborough Arts
Agincourt C.I. Directed by: Gregory Hertel
R. H. King Academy Directed by: Catherine Thornton
University of Toronto Scarborough Directed by: Zach McKendrick
R. H. King Academy Art’s Management Team Led by: Alice Walter

Performed and Associate Produced by the Students of: R.H. King, Agincourt C.I., and Students of The University of Toronto: Scarborough.


The Cast of The Donnelly Project


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