Alex Ivanovici

Alex Ivanovici, co-founder of Porte Parole Theatre, has worked as a bilingual actor, theatre director, and teacher in Montreal since his graduation from the Dome Theatre School in 1992. 24 years of storytelling is a privilege indeed. Alex was born in an Italian camp for political refugees after his parents defected from Romania. His family then moved to Montreal while he was quite small. The Watershed is a special production for Alex. Not only does he play himself, as seen through the loving eyes of his wife, but this play also marks a return to the source for he and Annabel: fifteen years after setting off to create their first documentary play together, Novembre, about democracy in Quebec, they set off to create The Watershed, with their kids. I dedicate this performance to my father-in-law Ian Soutar, and to my children, and their children, and your children too.