Bryce is a pianist,  singer, songwriter and actor who has been working professionally in theatre for  16 years. He got his start in Edmonton,  playing leading roles in Oliver!, Peter Pan, The Music Man, The Secret Garden, The Sound of Music, and Camelot.  Shortly after graduating from the Victoria School of Performing and Visual  Arts, Bryce began writing cabaret-style songs. People seemed to like them, so  after several years he was asked to write music for theatre, which finally made  perfect sense of his rather disjointed but consistently artistic upbringing. He  moved to Toronto  as an ensemble hobbit in the world premiere of The Lord of the Rings musical, but wound up playing the role of Pippin over 50 times. The children’s  musical he co-wrote with Trevor Anderson (Nami Namersson: the Viking who  Liked to Name Things) won three Sterling Awards and was remounted last  season. Singing in The Spiegel Show at the Harbourfront Centre marked  Bryce’s return to the cabaret scene and his introduction to burlesque. Last  summer he performed at the Edmonton Fringe in Sad Victoria’s Pelican Day,  a movement-based show constructed around his songs. Currently, Bryce is working  with playwright Emil Sher on a new musical for the Lorraine Kimsa Theatre for  Young People. As a pianist he has played everything from Mozart to  Rachmaninoff, but this is the first time he has been in a show band in many  years. Bryce’s two albums of quirky cabaret songs are regularly played on CBC;  to hear them, kindly visit