RBC Tarragon Emerging Playwright

Elena Eli Belyea is a queer playwright, performer, producer, arts educator, and Artistic Director of Tiny Bear Jaws (a theatre company with teeth). Past credits and collaborations include: co-founding the Edmonton Found Festival (a showcase of multidisciplinary arts events that take place in non-traditional venues), “The Worst Thing I Could Be (Is Happy)” (produced by Tiny Bear Jaws and presented as part of Buddies in Bad Times’ 2018 Rhubarb Festival, Toronto, February 2018), “Cleave” (produced by Tiny Bear Jaws and presented as part of Fringe Theatre’s curated Backstage Season, Edmonton, March 2018), “Miss Katelyn’s Grade Threes Prepare for the Inevitable” (produced by Tiny Bear Jaws and presented by Downstage Theatre in Calgary, Fringe Theatre in Edmonton, and the Sunset Theatre in Wells, summer of 2018; the french translation of which premiered at Théâtre Prospero in May 2018), and being a member of the 2016-2017 Write From the Hip Playwriting Unit (Nightwood Theatre, Toronto).

Upcoming projects include: “Smoke” (premiering with Downstage Theatre in Calgary, February 2019).

Elena is a graduate of the University of Alberta as well as the National Theatre School of Canada (Playwriting), and has mentored emerging writers and theatre makers for almost a decade through numerous arts organizations such as the University of Virginia’s Young Writers’ Workshop, The Citadel Theatre’s Foote Theatre School, the University of Alberta’s New Works Festival, to name a few.

Find out more at http://elenabelyea.com and http://tinybearjaws.com