John Van Burek is a director and the Founding Artistic Director of Pleiades Theatre, a producer of plays, usually in translation, originating in the many cultures of Toronto’s mosaic. He is also one of Canada’s foremost translators for the theatre, with some fifty works to his credit, notably the major plays of Michel Tremblay. Many of these were done with Bill Glassco, with whom Mr. Van Burek joined forces at the founding of the Tarragon Theatre in 1971. To date, eleven of his Tremblay translations have been produced at Tarragon. In 1971, John Van Burek was the Founding Artistic Director of le Théâtre français de Toronto, which he ran for close to twenty years. Throughout his career he has taught extensively, including at York University, Ryerson University, the Nottingham School of the Arts, Carnegie Mellon University and Victoria University. Mr. Van Burek is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Toronto Drama Bench Award for Distinguished Contribution to Canadian Theatre, l’Ordre de la Pléiade (France), the Queen’s Jubilee Medal and the prestigious Silver Ticket Award from the Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts. He currently sits on the Board of the Toronto Arts Council.