A Halifax native, Kate is thrilled to be making her Tarragon debut. Selected credits include,
SM: Alice in Wonderland, Twelfth Night, Peter Pan, Julius Caesar, Pinocchio, King Lear,
Antony and Cleopatra, I Am My Own Wife (SBTS), The Happy Hobo in Moon Land (Neptune/
ToD), Lullaby: Inside the Halifax Explosion (EFT/Neptune), The Donahue Sisters (LunaSea),
Speed Dating for Sperm Donors (Neptune/DMV), The West Woods (MRT), Creepy and Little
Manson (EFT), Where Poppies Blow, David for Queen, In This World (HTYP), Diligent River
Daughter (Ship’s). ASM- RED (Neptune), Woman and Scarecrow (LunaSea). All the love and
gratitude go out to the cheerleading squad- especially my husband and my mom.