Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory is an uaajeerneq artist and an Inuk of Greenlandic origin. Laakkuluk’s work is well known in Canada and the circumpolar world. Her practice is based in Inuk feminism and the relationship she has with land and water. Laakkuluk is interested in the understanding that boundaries are both imagined and real – how does an interaction between a masked performer, and a found audience member create elasticity in public displays of emotion and power?

In recent years, Laakkuluk’s work has developed in both in live performance and video. Tanya Tagaq and Laakkuluk have worked together in a number of venues. Laakkuluk has a video called Timiga, sikulu, nunalu that has been exhibited across Canada and in New York with a show called #callresponse, as well as another called Entering the Landscape (Plug in Gallery, Winnipeg) and Amongst These Tundras (Concordia University, Montreal). Her uaajeerneq work has featured prominently in a multi-Dora Award winning play she co-wrote with Evalyn Parry (from Buddies in Bad Times Theatre) called Kiinalik: These Sharp Tools. Laakkuluk also won an award for best actress from the Toronto Theatre Critics’ Association for her performance in Kiinalik.

Most recently, her uaajeerneq work informed a collaborative film called Silaup Putunga, that she co-created with Jamie Griffiths. Silaup Putunga is a film installation that was a part of the Art Gallery of Ontario’s Tunirrusiangit, a retrospective exhibition on Kenojuak Ashevak and Tim Pitsiulak, that Laakkuluk co-curated. Silaup Putunga is also a film that premiered at the Nuuk International Film Festival in September 2018.