This is Lucy’s debut at Tarragon Theatre. Select theatre: I, Claudia (Neptune Theatre, Imperial Theatre, Globe Theatre), Antony & Cleopatra, The Three Musketeers (St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival), The Cure for Death by Lightning (Western Canada Theatre), Tails from the City (Common Boots Theatre), The Night’s Mare, The Tragical Comedy of Punch & Judy (Caravan Farm Theatre), That Summer, The Clockmaker (Theatre North West), Romeo & Juliet, A Date with the Night, Pride & Prejudice, Sleeping Beauty (Globe Theatre). Lucy is also a member of the Bad Dog Repertory Players at Bad Dog Theatre in Toronto and has appeared in TO, I Love You, La Grande Jatte, and The Curator. Recently Lucy was nominated for Outstanding Performance in a Leading Role for I, Claudia at Neptune Theatre. This summer Lucy will be co-producing and starring in her first film, Shut Up. Thanks to Esther and the rest of the dream team.