Sage Paul is an urban Dene woman and a member of the English River First Nation. She champions community, sovereignty and resistance for balance and makes fashion, costume and craft. Some design credits include: “Awakening” (Short Film, Danis Goulet), “Robin’s Hood” (Short Film, Kent Monkman), Munschtime! (Young Peoples Theatre), Almighty Voice and His Wife (Theatre Kingston), Divine (Storefront Theatre), and Gashkigwaaso (Dance, Waawaate Fobister). Some of her work has shown at the Royal Ontario Museum, The Centre for Craft, Creativity and Design (North Carolina, USA), and a curated program at Western Canada Fashion Week by Ociciwan Contemporary Art Collective. In 2017, Sage received the Design Exchange RBC Emerging Designer Award in the fashion category, was recognized by FLARE Magazine in their #HowIMadeIt campaign that celebrates 100+ talented and ambitious Canadian women and was honoured by the Ontario Ministry of the Status of Women as a trailblazing woman who is transforming Ontario. Sage is the founder of Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto and is working on two fashion-based projects: Giving Life and The Mint Sweater Project.