2020/21 RBC Emerging Artist

Zach Running Coyote (He/Him) is a Mohkinstsis (Calgary) based, playwright, actor, musician, screenwriter,  shapeshifter and story scavenger, of Mi’gmaq heritage. He is a graduate of the four year acting program at Rosebud School of the Arts, and the former artist in residence at Making Treaty 7.

Having been adopted at six months old, he is passionate about the displaced and disenfranchised, the marginalized and oppressed, and the unwinding of generational trauma.

In his own words:

“I’m a displaced kid with Mi’kmaq ancestors chasing me through the concrete veins and arteries of Blackfoot Territory, teaching me to forage for the medicines of both Nations in the cracked pavement, teaching me to cling to the words of Inner City Elders the way their cracked lips and fingers cling to BB Cigarettes. I clamber my denim and buckskin clad, coyote-like frame through the chain link underbrush, coming up with a harvest of fresh tapped cough syrup, Orange Crush and Old Milwaukee.”

His body of work includes:

As writer: Snowblind (Lunchbox Theatre/Making Treaty 7), Kohkum & me (The Rest of Us Theatre Co.) and a TV adaptation of The Hayloft, in development at the CBC.

As performer: Bright Star, Cariboo Magi (Rosebud Theatre), Romeo & Juliet (Theatre Calgary/Shakespeare by the Bow) Pawakan (Workshop at The Stratford Festival), The Street (Pounds Performance) as well as performing his own shows Kohkum & me and Snowblind