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Tarragon provides support for creative growth and opportunities for practical professional development. We offer courses in elements of playwriting, dramaturgy, directing, scene study, and physical theatre with some of the best practitioners in the field.


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Generating Pages


 Jeff Ho

This online course is an opportunity to connect, collaborate, and create with a community of playwrights. Whether coming in with a draft in progress, or a completely new idea waiting to be launched: sessions will be structured to provide space to create, revise, and share material week to week – honed around the theme of generating material, working against perfectionism, working around nurturing curiosity and joy in playwriting.

Earlier this Season

Playwriting as Resistance


Makram Ayache

 In this 4 week course, you will have the opportunity to explore writing as a vehicle for social and cultural change. Explorations will range from the personal to the political and you will have the opportunity to apply fundamentals of storytelling for the stage. If you are interested in translating social and political work into character driven narrative stories, this course will provide you the support you need.

(How to Think About)

Acting for Auditions


 Tanja Jacobs

At a good audition, the director feels like they have seen you. They have had a glimpse of you, allowing yourself to be seen, as you try to wade into the character’s mess.

 This series of 6 studio classes will allow participants to build their audition confidence, to bring more of themselves to their auditions, and to refresh their approach to preparation.

Playwriting & Dramaturgy


Brian Quirt

This online course is an exploration of playwriting and play development practice and its relationship to dramaturgy. The work will include: in-class writing exercises; practical discussions on working with playwrights, dramaturgs and directors; and expectations for playwrights in a workshop environment.

Last Season

Making the Actual Theatrical

Finding the Drama in True Stories


 Marcia Johnson

Want to write a historical drama? How about delving into family history? Marcia will help you turn a true story into a play.

Preparing for Auditions


 Sarena Parmer

In this course, participants will investigate how to select, prepare and perform material specifically suited for the audition environment. We will break down techniques to feel more confident and prepared, so your audition is a true expression of you.

Grant Writing 


Aaron Jan

In multi week “grantwriting unit”, 30x grant winner, Aaron Jan will lead you through the basics of grant writing from an artist’s perspective, as well as walk you through various streams of funding and the strategies he uses to win them. He will discuss grants he’s been awarded at the OAC, TAC and CCA level, types of union contracts, common pitfalls of applying for grants, and his experiences on the other side as a theatre projects juror with the Toronto Arts Council, The Ontario Arts Council, the Manitoba Arts Council and an RGTC juror with Cahoots Theatre.

Physical Theatre Creation

Weekend Intensive


Andy Massingham

In this two-day intensive, clown, mime and mask techniques will get you into a creative groove and explore your artistic potential. Serious fun to get ideas on their feet and moving!