Tarragon provides support for creative growth and opportunities for practical professional development. We offer courses in elements of playwriting, dramaturgy, directing, scene study, and physical theatre with some of the best practitioners in the field.


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Audio Drama  


Pippa Johnstone

This course is an exploration of audio drama, from writing and ideation to production. Through the sessions, we’ll explore writing for the ear, translating theatrical works to the podcast format, and develop skills unique to telling stories in this form. The work will include: in-class writing and listening assignments, discussions on how to tell stories through sound, and some audio production and sharing of work. The course is geared to writers and producers curious about exploring audio drama as a new medium for their work.

Playwriting & Dramaturgy


Brian Quirt

This online course is an exploration of playwriting and play development practice and its relationship to dramaturgy. The work will include: in-class writing exercises; practical discussions on working with playwrights, dramaturgs and directors; and expectations for playwrights in a workshop environment.



 Paula Wing

This course is an opportunity to get creative and connect with others, within an encouraging and engaging structure. It will consist of practical writing exercises that can help you start a script from square one or further develop an already existing script.



Sarena Parmar

How do we make adaptations more relevant and personal, so these stories are accessible to a wider audience? This course is open to writers, creators and other artists interested in how to adapt work for the stage. Through a series of lectures, group discussions, and writing exercises we will explore the process of play adaptation.