Play Reading

Play Reading Week – Lysistrata and the Temple of Gaia by David S. Craig

in the Workspace

Lysistrata and the Temple of Gaia
by David S. Craig
featuring John Cleland, Cliff Saunders, Anand Rajaram, Elizabeth Saunders, Natalia Gracious, Pamela Sinha, Mayko Nguyen, and Paolo Santalucia
8pm reading

Lysistrata and the Temple of Gaia re-imagines the classic Greek comedy by Aristophanes as a sex strike, not to stop a war, but to save a planet.   Set in a future world where humans have had to adapt to huge climate changes, Lysistrata and her friends desperately invoke the Goddess Gaia, Creator and Mother of Earth.  But the Goddess is furious at the destruction of her planet and threatens the entire human race with a watery death at dawn unless the men can be persuaded to become Earth Defenders.  The men refuse.  Comedy ensues.

Tarragon’s annual Play Reading Week is an exciting celebration of plays-in-development by the talented playwrights associated with the theatre. Readings begin at 8pm, and doors open at 7:30pm. RSVP is not required – arrive early to claim your seat!