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Play Reading Week – The Pryce Academy by Philip McKee

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The Pryce Academy
by Philip McKee
featuring Beau Dixon, David Jansen, Thomas Olajide, and Jaa Jared Smith Johnson
8pm reading

The Pryce Academy is a musical set in an elite private school for boys. A new curriculum focused on preserving privilege the 21st Century spurs the students to decide the most exciting and ethical way to make money is to make a hit musical. This seems like a particularly good idea as an exceptionally talented student has just arrived at the school on scholarship for music. The Pryce Academy embodies and satirizes the tropes of capitalism in the theatre in order to look at the catastrophic effects of structural inequality in local communities and world economies.

Tarragon’s annual Play Reading Week is an exciting celebration of plays-in-development by the talented playwrights associated with the theatre. Readings begin at 8pm, and doors open at 7:30pm. RSVP is not required – arrive early to claim your seat!