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The Door You Came In (Workspace Performance)

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A writer visits his dying mother.   He brings a book that he’d written twenty-five years ago to read to her. It’s about her family. But it’s also about the terrible battle – Beaumont Hamel – that sits at the heart of both Newfoundland’s and her family’s history. So begins The Door You Came In — a two-man performance based on David Macfarlane’s acclaimed memoir, The Danger Tree. 

The songs and the music of The Door You Came In are Douglas Cameron’s department. A seasoned, Genie-nominated singer and performer, Cameron plays banjola, mandolin, ukulele, and accordion. His engaging, foot-tapping performance combines popular tunes of the day (“Pack Up Your Troubles,” and  “If You Were the Only Girl in the World”) with original compositions.

Macfarlane’s narrative weaves seamlessly throughout the music. The Door You Came In isn’t quite a play and it isn’t quite a concert. It’s a musical story – sometimes funny, sometimes tragic – that tells the tales of family, and memory, and war.

This performance is a pay-what-you-can fundraiser in support of a Syrian refugee family.

Click here for an overview of the piece, including a brief history & audience comments to date: The Door You Came In