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Ian Garrett

Ian Garrett (Toasterlab) – Web Interface

Ian Garrett is designer, producer, educator, and researcher in the field of sustainability in arts and culture. He is the director of the Centre for Sustainable Practice in the Arts; Associate Professor of Ecological Design for Performance at York University; and Producer for Toasterlab. He maintains a design practice focused on ecology, technology and scenography. Through Toasterlab’s Mixed Reality Performance Atelier, recent work includes The Stranger 2.0 with DLT Experience; Groundworks with Rulan Tangen and collaborating artists from Pomo, Wappo, and Ohlone communities; The locative audio project TrailOff with Philadelphia’s Swim Pony; and Transmission (FuturePlay/Edinburgh and Future of Storytelling Festival/New York). With Chantal Bilodeau, he co-directs the biannual Climate Change Theatre Action, currently in its fourth cycle commissioning new plays on Climate Change topics. He serves on the Board of Directors for Associated Designers of Canada, and is co-chair for World Stage Design 2022 in Calgary.