Your Impact

Season Support

Supporting Tarragon’s season allows your gift to serve the area of greatest need – from the plays we produce and numerous programs we offer, to supporting our core team of arts workers and ongoing operations, updating equipment, building repairs and more.  The overall goal being to create meaningful, enriching stories that speak to our audiences today in an environment that welcomes all voices and perspectives within our theatre.


In 50 years, Tarragon Theatre has produced over 200 plays on our stages and across Canada. The production of new work is at the heart of what we do, and we are proud to introduce Toronto audiences to award-winning productions, new stories, and diverse perspectives 

Supporting production at Tarragon provides funding for all technical and physical elements of performance, including but not limited to: lighting, audio, props, set design, special effects, online digital/streaming components, and further elements to establish the worlds in which our stories take place.

Creation & Development

Development at Tarragon is an investment in artists through every stage of creation. Historically, works developed and fostered through Tarragon have made a meaningful impact within the Canadian theatre repertoire.  As we look ahead, we are excited to continue this tradition while strengthening our ability to embrace multiple artistic forms and disciplines within the performing arts in creating highly theatrical and powerful works for our stage and abroad.

Education & Community Engagement

Each season, Tarragon engages with hundreds of youth through programming such as East of Tarragon (formerly the Scarborough Project), Young Playwrights Unit (YPU), education workshops, resource guides for educators and student subsidized tickets. This work focuses on our connection to the broader Tarragon community by using theatre to engage youth and remove barriers, integrating young people as key members of Tarragon’s audience. Theatre workshops and dramaturgical support encourage and empower youth to find their own unique voice by stimulating creativity and imagination; emboldening them to become our leaders of tomorrow.

We nurture our connection to our curious and passionate intergenerational audience by keeping our theatre experience warm and welcoming. Each season, Tarragon offers enrichment programs and beyond the stage engagement opportunities to foster an understanding and appreciation of the process of creating new plays.

Tarragon Relief Fund

Created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Tarragon Relief Fund directs donations to the entire operations of the theatre, supporting all facets of its/our work from the performers, designers, craftspeople, administrators, and directors by way of theatrical productions and online content.