Tarragon Lectures

Tarragon shows are full of big ideas. During the run of each show, Tarragon invites great minds to further our thinking on the show’s subject matter and artistic approaches through pre-show lectures. Lectures take place prior to the matinee performance on Saturdays.

All lectures run approximately 1 hour in length and take place at Tarragon Theatre.

Upcoming events for the 2019/20 Season:


Date: Sat. September 28 at 1pm
Event: Witchy Women: When Feminism, Magic, and Goddesses Meet a Lecture by Chris Klassen

Description: What is feminist about witchcraft? Not necessarily anything. However, many feminists have gravitated towards the label of ‘witch’ and/or the religion of contemporary Pagan Witchcraft. This talk will discuss some of the ways feminists have named themselves witches, from the political to the religious, the ironic to the magical and how that relates to Kat Sandler’s play Yaga.

The Jungle

Date: Sat. October 12 at 1pm
Title: Live Show: Sandy and Nora Talk Politics

A live show of podcast Sandy and Nora Talk Politics. In connection with Tarragon Theatre’s production of The Jungle, this episode will look at what political art in Canada looks like, how capitalism impacts relationships and why people like Jack and Veronyka can’t get ahead.

We ask audience members to please RSVP to this event in advance. Link below:


Copy That

Date: Sat. November 16 at 1pm
Event: A Panel Discussion on How Mass Entertainment/Popular Culture is influenced/impacted by the state and politics.

Panelists: Playwright Jason Sherman, Director Jamie Robinson, and a TBA facilitator.


Date: Sat. November 23 at 1:00PM
Event: An Introduction to and Workshop of Clowning Technique with Suzanne Roberts Smith.

In this fun and fierce workshop participants will get a sense Clown & Bouffon Art Forms and where they connect and contrast on their shared continuum.

A taste of what it’s like to experience them as an audience, but also a chance to discover some of their inner clown rhythms through physical exercises and games.

Of course there will also be time to ponder and pose questions and discuss about the whole shebang!

All ages, languages and abilities welcome. No performance experience necessary.

Sexual Misconduct of the Middle Classes

Date: Sun. January 19th at 1:00pm
Event: Intimacy Coaching in a Post #MeToo World – An Interview with Siobhan Richardson

An introduction to the role of an intimacy coach, a brief discussion about how the #MeToo movement impacted theatre, and a look at how we move forward from here. The interview will be conducted by Jennifer Wigmore from Got Your Back – Canada.

This Was the World

Date: Sat. February 8th at 1:00pm
Event: An Interview with Richard Rose

The Runner

Date: Sat. March 14 at 1:00pm
Event: The Ethics of Triage with Dr. Brian Goldman

The host of CBC’s White Coat, Black Art helps us to understand the ethical dilemmas faced by emergency medical care providers.

Three Women of Swatow

Event: Dark History and the Cycles of Motherhood

Scholar and teacher of motherhood studies, Dr Andrea O’Reilly (York University) explores the concept of emotional inheritance and the cycles found in motherhood.

Orphan Song

Event: Adoption, Identity, and Family Bonds with Frances J. Latchford

Join us and the author of Steeped in Blood: Adoption, Identity, and the Meaning of Family for a look at how cultural understandings of bio-genealogy and identity impact our understanding of adoption and family ties.