The Mainspace is an AIR CONDITIONED auditorium with a maximum seating capacity of 205. Seating is accessible.


Please note: The Mainspace is not available for rent on a daily basis.

For more information please contact Patron Services at [email protected]. E-mail inquiries only.

Mainspace Technical Information



Stage: Depth: 27’ Width: 32’ Height: 2’6”
Room: Legth: 66’ Width: 36’
Grid Height: 14’6” above stage
There is a single entrance to the stage from the dressing rooms (down two flights of stairs). Lighting*

  • 96 Dimmers
  • ETC Ion w/ fader wing
  • 55x Source Four Bodies
  • 46x Fresnels of various makes
  • An assortment of Strand and Altman Profile lamps, Cyc light lamps and accessories are available Sound*
  • Yamaha 02R96 digital mixing console
  • 14 amp channels
  • 2 powered speakers
  • 1 subwoofer
  • 10 Fill or location speakers
  • 1 dual deck CD player
  • Clearcomm is available to backstage, booth, and production tables.



  • 12x Black Volcano legs 14’10”h x 4’4”w
  • 4x Black Velour legs 14’10”h x 5’w
  • 2x Black Velour legs 14’10”h x 10’w Dressing Rooms

2 Dressing rooms are available located two flights of stairs above stage level. Each room is equipped with makeup mirrors and vanity lights, washroom with shower, and a foldaway cot. An iron and ironing board are available.

Laundry facilities may be available with supervised use on site


Green Room

A greenroom is attached to the dressing rooms located up 2 flights of stairs from stage level. Seating Capacity: 205

*Subject to change and availability* This information is a guideline for reference only. Please confirm equipment at your first meeting with Venue Coordinator.