Michel Tremblay

Dramatist, novelist, translator, adaptor and screenwriter, MICHEL TREMBLAY has loomed large in Quebec’s cultural life since the late 1960s. Both the quantity and quality of his creative output have been outstanding: 28 plays, 3 musicals, 22 novels, a collection of tales, 4 collections of short stories, 7 screenplays, 39 translations/adaptations of foreign plays, 1 libretto and lyrics for about a dozen songs – all of which have been published. Many of MICHEL TREMBLAY’s plays have earned high praise in Canada, the United States and virtually everywhere in Europe. His name appears in the Larousse and Robert dictionaries, in Who’s Who, and in the Dictionary of International Biography. In addition to six grants from the Canada Council for the Arts, MICHEL TREMBLAY has received more than 50 awards throughout his career, including the Governor’s General Award for the Performing Arts in 1999 for Lifetime Achievement. In 2008 he was appointed Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur de France.