Michela Sisti

Michela Sisti is an emerging director who is excited about finding new theatrical forms to create meaning and tell stories. After completing a degree in Drama at the University of Toronto Michela traveled to London, UK and trained in directing through Living Pictures and the Young Directors Program at the Young Vic Theatre.  In London she directed both new and experimental writing with You Are Already Dead, Intermission Theatre and The Pensive Federation and headed the creation of an interdisciplinary exploration of ‘personhood’, Humanity on the Edge, for the Invention Festival.  On returning to Canada, Michela worked as an assistant director to Ross Mason (Century Song) and Leon Major (Handel’sAlcina, GGS) and directed new writing with Alumnae Theatre.  She was a Team Leader during Volcano Theatre’s 2016 InFORMING CONTENT weekend and has devoted this past summer to studying with One Yellow Rabbit Performance Theatre, the SITI Company and Volcano Conservatory.  Michela is currently a Nightwood Theatre Young Innovator and co-producer of the Brave New Theatre performance series.  She is super stoked be be studying artistic direction with Ross Manson at Volcano Theatre.