Application Deadline: Dec 1st 2020.

Please click to read the Recommender Grants for Theatre Creators Program Guidelines to learn how to apply. 

The Recommender Grants for Theatre Creators program, funded by the Ontario Arts Council, supports playwrights and creation collectives in the development of new Canadian work.

Tarragon Theatre sees this program as an opportunity to provide time for playwrights and/or creators to create. It offers artists the opportunity to conduct research on a potential play, to move from an idea to a first draft, work on subsequent drafts of a play or – if the project is a collective creation – the time to improvise/create in the rehearsal hall.

In assessing and selecting potential projects, Tarragon will apply the same principles we use when selecting plays in general. There are no restrictions on content or form. We are drawn to creators and plays that demonstrate talent for the medium of theatre, possess a strong and unique voice or point of view, probe the human condition, and evoke rich and complex worlds. For those creators unfamiliar with our work, the best example of our artistic vision and aesthetic can be found in our productions.

We are open to the variety of needs and approaches depending on each individual creator, and to projects that are in all stages of development. Each application will be reviewed individually on its own merits and needs.

To apply – 

  • Paper applications or PDF applications will not be mailed or emailed  to Tarragon.
  • All applications will be submitted to Tarragon through Nova, the Ontario Arts Council’s online application system.
  • Recommenders no longer notify applicants. All applicants are notified by OAC through their Nova account.