Past Tarragon Lectures

Katie Doran – Public Education Coordinator at Alzheimer Society Toronto discusses aspects of memory relevant to the play You Will Remember Me

Tom McGee, Associate Artistic Director of Theatre Brouhaha, discusses what it means to create theatre for the “HBO generation”

Dr. Kerry Bowan – Clinical Ethicist at Mount Sinai Hospital discusses the ethics of reproductive technologies

Anastasia Baczynskyj – prolific Ukrainian folk singer and expert on Ukraine discusses the theme of Ukrainian identity in the diaspora

John Bell – Lawyer specializing in educational law discusses the legal issues explored in the play The Trouble with Mr. Adams

Dr. Holger Syme (University of Toronto Mississauga) & David Jansen (Tarragon) discuss German theatre as a context for An Enemy of the People

R.H. Thomson – Governor General’s Lifetime Artistic Achievement Award winner discusses his theory of Our Five Story Universe

Lee Smolin, world renowned theoretical physicist at the Perimeter Institute, on his playwright/physicist collaboration with Hannah Moscovitch

Dr. Holger Syme, Associate Professor at the University of Toronto Mississauga on German theatre as context for Maria Milisavljevic’s Abyss