Play Reading Series

Each Spring, Tarragon hosts our annual Play Reading Series. It’s a chance for our playwrights-in-residence to hear their plays read in front of an audience and it’s a chance for you to get a sneak peek into their newest creations. And it’s free! Seats are available on a first come, first served basis – you can arrive up to 45 minutes before the reading to claim a seat – we recommend arriving early!

Readings are scheduled Monday June 10 – Saturday June 15 at 8pm.


2019 Play Readings


Monday June 10 – LIGHT by Rosa Laborde, directed by Jackie Maxwell

With Philip Akin, Diana Donnelly, Allegra Fulton, Christine Horne, Robert Persichini, Philip Riccio, Brenda Robins, Amaka Umeh

PLEASE NOTE: The reading of LIGHT will begin at 7:30pm.

At a secluded mountain retreat, two new arrivals come to discover ‘the truth’ of who they are. But practising stillness and learning to relinquish thought has the opposite affect on one of them. As she becomes more interested in catalyzing the ashram’s undoing, she finds herself increasingly undone. Light is a contemplative reflection on who we think we are versus the thoughts that make us what we think.

Perfect Tattoo

Tuesday June 11 – PERFECT TATTOO by Anton Piatigorsky, directed by Audrey Dwyer

With Paul Braunstein, Rachel Cairns, Christo Graham, Maria Ricossa, Sabryn Rock

Anthony is a successful tattoo artist with his own shop, but lately he’s grown disillusioned with his art. After hiring Kira, a young tattooist with mysterious powers, his faith is rekindled . But Kira’s exceptional craft opens bigger questions about work and art, aging and youth, hope and despair, and the power of tattoos.


Wed June 12 – ANNA by Maria Milisavljevic, directed by Richard Rose

With Rachel Cairns, John Cleland, Sochi Fried

What’s mine is yours. What’s yours is mine. When the laws of the sharing economy hit an old friendship, two women find themselves on the verge of disaster. Can they overcome betrayal or has too much been shared? ANNA is a story about love and loss, solidarity and friendship in a fragmented, oversharing, egoistic world.

El Torromoto

Thurs June 13 – EL TERREMOTO by Christine Quintana, directed by Richard Rose

With Augusto Bitter, Rhiannon Collett, Ash Knight, Rosa Laborde, Ian Lake, Marilo Nunez, Arlen Aguayo Stewart, Liliana Suarez, Margarita Valderrama

PLEASE NOTE: The reading of EL TERREMOTO will begin at 7:30pm.

Nineteen years have passed since the three Jurado sisters lost their parents, and life seems to continue on in their East Vancouver home. A birthday party, a failed proposal, and a missed connection fill the days and months until an earthquake nearly destroys the city, and brings forward a shocking turn of events.  A familiar story told for here and now.


Friday Jun 14 – SMOKE by Elena Eli Belyea, directed by Audrey Dwyer

With Charlie Gould, Chantelle Han, Jesse LaVercombe

Jordan, Aiden’s ex, shows up at Aiden’s apartment to confront her about the allegation that Jordan sexually assaulted her two years ago. The smoke is thick and the town is burning. What will it take to put it out? Smoke was written to accommodate the possibility of Jordan and Aiden represented as a cis-male/cis-female as well as a cis-female/cis-female couple on alternate nights.

Copy That

Saturday June 15 – COPY THAT by Jason Sherman, directed by Jamie Robinson

With Emma Ferreira, Janet-Laine Green, Jeff Lillico, Tony Ofori, Ric Waugh

A caustic look at the entertainment industry, Copy That takes us behind the scenes of network television. Four writers struggle to get their new cop show approved for production. When the team’s only Black writer is roughed up by an actual cop, the fallout threatens to not only kill the show, but expose the systemic racism at the heart of popular entertainment itself.