May 30 2021 - Jun 13 2021


2:30 pm - 11:55 pm

Come Home – The Legend of Daddy Hall

Tarragon Placeholder

Photo at Cherry Beach Sound

Credits (Left to Right):
Allan Louis, Jesse Clark, Catherine Magowan, Nicole Joy Fraser,
Jackie Richardson, Beau Dixon, Starr Domingue, Conlin Delbaere-Sawchuk, Chris Tolley, Sierra Holder, From Cherry Beach Sound – Devin Nakao, Videsh Umadas

Come Home – The Legend of Daddy Hall

A Tarragon Acoustic Production in association with PlayME Podcast’s Laura Mullin and Chris Tolley


Written and directed by
Audrey Dwyer

Music by
Spy Dénommé-Welch,
Catherine Magowan and
Audrey Dwyer

Music direction by
Catherine Magowan

Instruments recorded at Unsettled Scores’ studio and featuring
Spy Dénommé-Welch on guitars and banjo, and
Catherine Magowan on flute and bassoon.

Opening May 30, 2021


May 30, 2021 – June 13, 2021


When John Hall is awakened by the ghosts of his ancestors, he is forced to revisit the story of his entire life. As his young granddaughter Billie tries to keep him from death’s grip, she is confronted by truths she would never have imagined. Based on true events, Come Home – The Legend of Daddy Hall is told through poetic text, music and song.

Audrey was the Urjo Kareda Artist in Residence at Tarragon Theatre in 2018/19 and was also the Assistant Artistic Director. She is currently the Associate Artistic Director of the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre.

Cast and Crew


Audrey would like to thank Richard Rose, all of the staff at the Tarragon Theatre and Catherine Magowan and Spy Denomme-Welch of Unsettled Scores.
She would like to thank everyone at PlayME and Cherry Beach Sound.
She would also like to thank those who participated in the audio recording and the other artists who helped along the way.

Akosua Amo-Adem
Craig Lauzon
Dakota Hebert
Daren A Herbert
David Jansen
James Dallas Smith
Joanna Falck
Lisa Berry
Patrick MacManus
Ryan Allen
Sophia Walker
Timothy Dowler-Coltman
Tony Ofori
Virgilia Griffith


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