Jan 06 2023


8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Greenhouse Festival

The Herd

Greenhouse Festival

A festival of creation at Tarragon Theatre

January 6 – January 14, 2023


The Greenhouse Festival is a process-led residency program, focussed on growing vibrant, theatrical ideas and facilitating exchange between artists and audience. Audiences are encouraged to come and explore new parts of Tarragon as a space, as they explore new works from the celebrated creatives in residence for
Greenhouse Festival.

Tickets for the Festival can be purchased for individual performances or through a Festival Pass.

Festival Pass: $35

Provides unlimited access to both weeks of the Greenhouse Festival, including
Greenhouse Resident sharings,
Special Presentations,
and micro-performances.*

*Seating is subject to availability

Single-show tickets: $12

The Collectives:

Emilio’s A Million Chameleons
From Adam Francis Proulx

Jan 7 – 4:30 pm
Jan 8 – 3:00 pm
Jan 12 – 7:00 pm
Jan 14 – 8:15 pm


Emilio’s A Million Chameleons is a family-friendly musical spectacular, about embracing what makes you special,
and letting that inner sparkle shine.


Multi-award-winning puppeteer Adam F Proulx (THE FAMILY CROW: A Murder Mystery; BAKER’S DOZEN: 12 Angry Puppets) has been experimenting with all things sparkle, sequin and glitter in his puppet building for a few years now, and continues to explore how else these materials can be used in a theatrical setting.

Mass Exodus
BadFox Performance

Jan 7 – 7:00 pm
Jan 8 – 4:15 pm
Jan 13 – 8:15 pm
Jan 14 – 5:45 pm

Amelia Blaine
Sienna Singh
Sara Jarvie Clark
Devlin Flynn


Mass Exodus is a non-verbal, sensorial fairy-tale set on a dying planet. Tasked by The Government ™ to “be the solution” and save their world, a lone worker wonders: do the animals have other plans?


BadFox Performance creates multi-disciplinary work using shadow puppetry, overhead projectors, movement, original composition and sound design to create immersive, sensory experiences.

The Benevolence Collective

Jan 6 – 8:15 pm
Jan 7 – 5:45 pm
Jan 13 – 7:00 pm
Jan 14 – 7:00 pm

Kevin Matthew Wong
Echo Zhou
Chris Ross-Ewart
Noel Pendawa
Sooji Kim


Benevolence examines and celebrates the history of the Hakka (客家) diaspora in Canada, who represent some of the first Chinese in Canada. Intimate, epic, personal, and playful, this solo-performance by Kevin Matthew Wong (Chemical Valley Project) tells the story of the 2000-year migration, and their struggles and triumphs as early Chinese-Canadians.


The Benevolence Collective seeks to interrogate, expand, and complicate representations of Chinese-Canadians. Centering design and audience connection in their storytelling, the Benevolence Collective seeks to provide audiences with new ways to think about their own journeys and relationships to Canada.

Pantheon Projects

Jan 6 – 7:00 pm
Jan 7 – 8:15 pm
Jan 12 – 8:15 pm
Jan 14 – 4:30 pm

Camille Intson
Nicole Eun-Ju Bell
Bryn Kennedy


JANE is a speculative fiction drama about three college students caught up in a virtual reality deepfake pornography scandal, inspired by growing ethical concerns around digital consent and content regulation.


Pantheon Projects is an award-winning, queer, feminist, and new generation performance collective. Their work defies traditional theatrical form, by foregrounding emerging technology, new media, and projection-design into live performance.



Jane Miller and Brian Quirt’s

These Are The Songs That I Sing When I’m Sad


A Nightswimming Production
Jan 13 – 9:30pm

These Are The Songs That I Sing When I’m Sad is an intimate and joyous performance that explores the songs people turn to when they’re sad, the songs that they play to soothe their blues or lift them up out of the depths. It’s a rare opportunity to hear a superb singer up close and personal, as she delves into the link between deep emotions and the musical elements that make sad songs so addictive.


This special presentation is part of Tarragon’s collaboration with Nightswimming for PURE RESEARCH, bringing innovative research-based process back to Toronto after a four-year hiatus and
opening up a discourse on play development through dramaturgy.


Between shows, a dizzying array of micro-performances and
interactive games await.




with Twin Mask

Weird Bingo

with Weird Alice

Kit Kat Mini

with Ryan G. Hinds

Beatnik Madlibs

with Isaac Kessler &

Alaine Hutton


Tarragon Theatre’s Urjo Kareda and Bulmash-Siegel resident artists share their work
Saturdays at 3:30 PM

by Aaron Jan

Jan 7th 3:30pm

Lettuce Head
by Alyssa Martin &
Jacob Vanderham

Jan 14th 3:30pm


Join us on closing night for the Festival finale: a no-holds barred musical extravaganza, starring YOU!

Hosted by Fatuma Adar!


Saturday Jan 14th – 9:30pm


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