Apr 01 2015


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March 25, 2015 – May 03, 2015


“What is time? … Everything we think, feel, or do reminds us of its existence”

– Lee Smolin, Time Reborn

How does a new Theory of Time change everything we know about ourselves? Three brilliant minds – a musician, a mathematician, & a theoretical physicist – smash together like colliding particles in an accelerator. Together they learn that love and time are connected in ways they couldn’t have imagined.

Infinity is a shocking, funny and revelatory new play about love, sex, & math by Tarragon Playwright-in-Residence Hannah Moscovitch developed with Volcano Theatre.

★★★½ out of 4: “Extremely affecting; Moscovitch is often called a “hot” Canadian playwright. But according to the laws of science, what is hot will inevitably cool. By now, she has surely proven that the more accurate descriptor is rock solid.” -Toronto Star

NNNN: “Brilliant; makes you feel as much as it makes you think” – NOW Magazine

★★★★: “A darkly funny, emotional and thought-provoking production” 

★★★ out of 4: “Moving; beautifully acted.” -Globe and Mail

Infinity is approx. 80 minutes long with no intermission.

Cast and Crew

Hannah Moscovitch

Ross Manson

Kate Alton

Rebecca Picherack

Teresa Przybylski

Isabelle Ly

Njo Kong Kie

Lee Smolin

Mariel Marshall

Paul Braunstein , Haley McGee , Amy Rutherford

Andréa Tyniec

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