Apr 29 2015


8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Much Ado About Nothing

Much Ado About Nothing

April 22, 2015 – May 31, 2015


Beatrice and Benedict take on Brampton in this Bollywood-inspired adaptation of Shakespeare’s most clever comedy. As re-imagined by Richard Rose with consulting director Ravi Jain, this Much Ado plays as an all-out war of the sexes against the backdrop of a very Canadian clash of cultures. Moving from comedy to tragedy and back again with razor sharp wit, a familiar story takes on new meaning when set in our own backyard. Classical text fuses with Bollywood in this larger-than-life spectacle.

★★★½ out of 4: “Totally compelling and totally convincing. An absolute delight. Go see the play.” (Toronto Star) 

★★★★: “Enjoyable from start to finish; Rose has infused just enough new elements into the play while still retaining Shakespeare’s original comedy, making this adaptation highly successful.”

“Colourful; relevant interpretation.” (Globe & Mail)

★★★★★ ‘Delightful; There was still the depth and rich emotions of the original play, but with a broadened appeal that makes it one of Tarragon’s surest winners this season.” (

“If you are fond of Shakespeare, go and see this, but perhaps more — if you are not fond of Shakespeare (or think you’re not) go and see this. This is Shakespeare’s comedies as they were meant to be: bawdy, bumbling, comic, crass, daring and delightful.”
(Mooney on Theatre)

Cast and Crew

William Shakespeare

Richard Rose

Ravi Jain

Nova Bhattacharya

Phillip Silver

Ali Momen , Alon Nashman , Anand Rajaram , Anusree Roy , Ellora Patnaik , Gugun Deep Singh , Kawa Ada , Nova Bhattacharya , John Cleland , Salvatore Antonio , Sarena Parmar , David Adams , Tahirih Vejdani

Michelle Tracey

Ed Hanley , Suba Sankaran

Sharada Eswar

Richard Ausar Stewart

Nicola Benidickson

Robin Munro


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