May 20 1992


8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Nigredo Hotel

Nigredo Hotel

by Ann-Marie MacDonald

directed by Banuta Rubess

May 13, 1992 – June 14, 1992


libretto by Ann-Marie MacDonald

music by Nic Gotham

stage direction by Banuta Rubess

musical direction by Wayne Strongman

associate music direction by Shelley Hanson

starring: Shari Saunders, Jonathan Whittaker

set and costume design: Jerrard Smith and Diana Smith

lighting design: Paul Mathiesen

stage manager: Kevin Bowers

*Toured to Mayfest, Glasgow, Scotland, 1993.

May 13 – June 14, 1992

Cast and Crew

Ann-Marie MacDonald

Banuta Rubess


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