Oct 26 2016


8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

The Circle

The Circle

October 18, 2016 – November 27, 2016


Welcome to Ily’s high school garage party: there’s the genius, the drug dealer, the runaway, the kid with ADHD, and the son of a priest. Everyone’s a total mess, but it’s better than being alone on a Friday night in suburbia. This remarkable debut by 26-year-old playwright Geoffrey Simon Brown is an explosive SOS from an orphaned generation desperately looking for a place to belong.

The Circle is a wild, sometimes hilarious, sometimes brutal expression of anger and angst; [gives] life and voice to recognizable, relatable characters.” – The Toronto Star

“Fine work by the cast; Director Peter Pasyk shows again how skilled he is with emotionally raw characters, knowing how to reveal their pain along with their menace.” – NOW Magazine

“Terrific production.” – Lynn Slotkin 

“Very real, very now and unexpectedly poetic; It’s hard not to like this feisty comic drama.” – The Globe & Mail (Calgary production)

“Gritty, ground breaking theatre; electrifying.” – Calgary Sun

Please note – The Circle contains mature subject matter including graphic violence & explicit language. The approximate running time is 85 minutes.

Watch ‘The Circle in 3 Words’ trailer here.

Cast and Crew

Geoffrey Simon Brown

Peter Pasyk

Nikki Duval , Jakob Ehman , Daniel Ellis , Vivien Endicott-Douglas , Brian Solomon , Jake Vanderham

Patrick Lavender

Rebecca Picherack

Thomas Ryder Payne

Joanna Yu

Steve Wilsher

Sandy Plunkett

Victoria Wang


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