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Apr 19 2022


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Three Women of Swatow

Three Women of Swatow

Three Women of Swatow

by Chloé Hung

directed by Courtney Ch’ng Lancaster

Online version now available until June 5th, 2022!

“Swatow women are supposed to be fierce.”


That’s what Grandmother tells her daughter. Grandmother’s a butcher and to her disappointment, her daughter’s a vegetarian. But to her satisfaction, her granddaughter killed her first chicken at the age of three. In this ferocious comedy, the three generations of women grapple with their dark history, emotional inheritance and the legacy of mothers’ life lessons and daughters’ love lives.


And there’s blood. Lots of blood.


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Please note:
Extraspace performances begin at 7pm (Eve) and 1:30pm (Mat).
Three Women of Swatow runs approximately 80 minutes with no intermission.

Audience Advisory: Although there is no graphic depiction, this play describes domestic abuse and violence, course language, and features a lot of stage blood.


Photo featuring Carolyn Fe by Jim Ryce.


Three Women of Swatow is generously supported by:

Cast and Crew

Chloé Hung

Courtney Ch’ng Lancaster

Karthy Chin

Carolyn Fe , Diana Luong , Chantria Tram

Jareth Li

Gavin McDonald

Shannon Lea Doyle

Sim Suzer

Deanna H. Choi

Olivia Wheeler

Daniel Oulton

Kayla Thomas

Jennifer Dzialoszynski

Guillermo Verdecchia


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