Dear Tarragon Patron,

Theatre needs only an actor and an audience to be theatre. At Tarragon, we have an audience of adventurers, open to exploring, with an invigorating curiosity for what is new. You have shown unwavering support of the new, challenging and, we hope, enlightening work we have created and performed throughout our history. I am grateful for the loyalty, respect and pioneering spirit I have seen during my years here and feel that you, our audience, are who we will celebrate at the cusp of Tarragon’s second half century.

It would be an understatement to say that the playwrights, artists, staff and I have missed you over the past year.

Now fortified by the ongoing rollout of vaccines, Tarragon Theatre is pleased to announce our coming season. We are committed to the safety, health and well-being of everyone in the Tarragon community and will continue to follow the guidance of Toronto Public Health and Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer as we move forward.

Our upcoming season is an exciting opportunity for us to reconnect and deepen our relationship with you. I have always felt Tarragon should be accessible to everyone. So, following in the tradition of pay-what-you-can Sundays that our founding Artistic Director Bill Glassco began in Toronto, we are inviting you to dream, devise and decide what you pay- a pay-what-you-can subscription.

We invite you first, in the fall, to join us virtually as we revisit this past season’s Tarragon Acoustic format. Tarragon Acoustic Reboot is a series of select audio plays from the Tarragon canon performed by Canada’s finest artists. It is presented on Tarragon’s website and streamed to you in the comfort of your home or wherever you prefer to listen!

Beginning in early 2022, join us in our theatres for six in-person presentations. Our live performances begin with long awaited works interrupted by the closure of in-person theatre. The Runner will begin our reopening in the Mainspace, followed by the premiere of Three Women of Swatow in the Extraspace. Then you can expect more World Premieres to fill our theatres once again. Click here for further details of the six plays we have programmed for our 2021/22 season.

At Tarragon Theatre, we consider ourselves the most fortunate theatre in the country, thanks to the exceptional support you – our audience, patrons and donors – have provided us during this most unusual time. We are encouraged by your loyalty and humbled by your support. As we begin to see the possibility of gathering collectively back in the theatre, we look forward to you joining us as one of your choice destinations, when it is safe to do so.

As a final thought, I’d like to acknowledge what a year my last year at Tarragon this has been. Not performing has shown me how valuable the theatre is to my vitality, the creativity of the artists and the joy of audience members. The theatre fills our lives with meaning and emotion. Catharsis is so necessary to what makes humans human – this congregating in a dark room to feel the unpredictable, the inexplicable but the necessary. And I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of doing this for 20 years with you.

Mike Payette, my successor, is beginning with the very best audience an Artistic Director could want. I shall miss you as I have missed you this past year.

Let the upcoming season be a gift of theatre for us all.

Richard Rose, May 2021

P.S. Every current Tarragon Acoustic subscriber will be given a guest subscription to Tarragon Acoustic Reboot to give away to a friend or family member. As a 2020/21 Acoustic subscriber you need only decide and calculate the number of live on-stage plays you will see in order to subscribe to our 2021/22 season.

2021/22 Season at a glance

Tarragon Live Performances

Jan 2022- Jun 2022

Tarragon Acoustic Reboot

Sep 2021 – Jun 2022

Pay-What-You-Can subscription

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