Thank you to all of our patrons. We want to highlight some of the comments you’ve sent to us during our shutdown. They remind us of the importance of what we do and the value of live performance to all of you. Have a look:

As first time subscribers, we have been extremely pleased with the consistent quality of the shows, and very much look forward to next season.

Have really appreciated all that the friendly staff do as well as  the great performances.

I hope that there will be government support for Tarragon and other arts organizations – we need you.

Needless to say we are so sad that you (and we the subscribers) have to experience such a difficult time.

We have been subscribers to the Tarragon forever — we really can’t remember when we first began attending the performances but from day 1 we knew we were hooked!

We have been subscribers for close to 20 years, and always enjoy attending the various productions. Your choice of plays are always interesting, inspiring and entertaining. We have missed being able to attend the theatre this spring. It is so important to us to support Canadian Theatre.

The fans of the Tarragon, which are many, will all be back when we are free to return.

Tarragon and it’s staff and not only the plays, keep us coming despite wheelchair issues! Thank you for a great season and many happy afternoons.

All the best to the staff and artists at Tarragon. We look forward to next season and we love you all.

We do find ourselves in extraordinary times. Hopefully, with the positive energy and co-operation of our fellow citizens, we will weather this pandemic and emerge even stronger. The Arts has and will continue to challenge, inform and guide us.

I’m looking forward to next season.  Life is not the same without theatre…

You are my favourite theatre company and I would be happy to donate the rest of my subscription to help you during this crisis!  Thanks for your excellent work over the many years I’ve been a subscriber.

I would be happy to make a charitable contribution to Tarragon in the amount of my remaining tickets – no problem.  That’s a good idea. Tarragon has provided many interesting evenings for me and my co-subscriber, so I’m glad to have the opportunity to repay you, in however small a way. Good luck with everything

So sorry the season has to end. I applaud your fine work and look forward to the next season.

My best wishes to all of you at the Tarragon and keep well. This will pass at some point and then we can once again celebrate the best of theatre in Toronto.

I appreciate the stimulating and professional theatre that I enjoy at Tarragon.

I LOVE the Tarragon and everything you do.  And I miss you. Hugs,

The Tarragon is an arts institution that must survive and that brings inspiration and provocative drama our way.

I moved to Canada in 89 and very soon became a subscriber (Tarragon, Factory and Alumnae were my choices) I enjoyed all performances, the ones I enjoyed less gave me fodder for thought.  I hope  to continue in the not too distant future. In the meantime my best wishes to all of you.

I keep seeing my Tarragon dates pop up in my calendar and yearn for the days when we can go back to the theatre!

Keep well. Keep your chins up. We WILL get through this.

Hello to all the fine members of the Tarragon family,
These are indeed difficult and unsettling times and I hope you are all doing well. The Tarragon theatre has been a special part of our lives for many decades, and we hope to continue that for may years to come.
You have a loyal base and we will be there once things head toward the new normal. Stay healthy stay strong.

It is very important to me, after coming to the Tarragon for 20+ years, and buying gift subscriptions for my daughter and son-in-law each year, that the theatre survive the current difficulties and continue to give me and untold others a wonderful theatre experience.

The situation is certainly dynamic, and the next months uncertain. They will be made poorer by the loss of your plays.
I am bereft that the season has been cancelled, regardless that it’s for the best. I’m missing you all already.
First, we are so saddened and heartsick for this special theatre, all the incredible people who work and perform there.  It has been the best season yet.
My heart goes out to all of you and all arts workers, whose working lives are often tenuous and income precarious.  My husband and I wish you all the best as we weather this storm.

I want you to spend the money on the remaining subscription to help keep Tarragon afloat. Or at least keep you all in toilet paper.

We thoroughly enjoy your plays and want the theatre to continue to offer interesting and thought-provoking plays.

Here’s hoping these great-sounding productions can be performed in the future one day. Thank you for your hard work and for dealing with these tough choices.

Thanks for all you do to help make Tarragon such a valuable and inspiring part of Toronto’s cultural community — it’s always appreciated, even if I don’t take the time to say so out loud often enough.

As one part of the “theatre” community we need to come together to help you folks  stay afloat. If we lose you, all our lives will be the poorer for it.

We will be grateful for a tax receipt and the chance to help you stay around. You are an important part of the Canadian arts scene.

This year’s season has already given me my money’s worth.

Be positive. Keep healthy. Luv you folks and all you do for the theatre community. I want you all back!

Thank you for this painful but necessary update. As sad as I am, I can’t imagine how hard this must be on the artists, creators and theatre folks. There will always be a need for the arts and creativity, especially so in trying times. We will be back, enjoying and being moved by whatever form and however you produce theatre. Wishing you health and courage.

First, as a former health care professional, let me congratulate you on making the correct decision to protect the health and well being of your staff, artists and audiences. I am delighted that you have taken this step. I am also very happy to make a donation of my unused tickets. I have received such pleasure from your work over the years, it is the least I can do. Once I know better what my finances will be after the social distancing period are over, I will also be happy to make a donation.
Stay healthy, stay isolated and wash your hands! See you soon.

I will be writing a cheque for a donation, and mail it to you. It’s the least a grateful patron can do. Thanks for handling the emergency as gracefully as a planned production, The Virus Vagaries, with musical score The Virus Variations. Continue to keep us Tarragon goers posted. Eventually you’ll see us in person again. Once it’s safe for us to shake hands, we’ll know it’s curtains ‘way up for the show to go on.

I miss you and the shows but it is important to ensure that we do our best to be safe and have a future and more shows to support our souls, hearts, and minds.

Thank you for sending this to me as a subscriber. I am thanking you as a subscriber and donor. I work at Toronto Public Health so am truly thankful for this very difficult decision you made to help all of us as individuals and larger community in a truly difficult time. Needless to say, we are busy at work and I am putting in much longer days in a constantly changing situation. My subscription is for 4 people and every play is for 4 people. We go for dinner, enjoy each others’ company, go to the theatre and then talk about the play. I have always cherished the social connection and intellectual stimulation having a subscription gives me. As a person immersed in health, the plays at the Tarragon give me another way to look at the world, explore something new, and honestly, take a break from my usual world.While I am grateful for your decision, I think there is nothing I need more than places like the Tarragon to help me get through these time. Essentially, I am saying thank you and I miss you.