Work Space

The Workspace is an AIR CONDITIONED studio which can be converted into a black box theatre with flexible seating.  The room has a maximum capacity of 60.  Seating capacity is determined by the number of cast and crew in the room, the seating configuration and the amount of required stage space.  Seating is accessible.


Please note: When used as a performance space, the Workspace is not available to rent on a daily basis.

For more information please contact Patron Services at E-mail inquiries only.

Work Space Technical Information

The Space

  • Room is approximately 35’ x 26’ and is on the second floor.
  • The playing dimensions are: 21’ deep x 26’ wide and 8’ high.
  • The Workspace does not have a dedicated green room or dressing room. The Studio Lobby and the all gender restroom may be used, however there can be no storage in either room and these are not private spaces.
  • The space is arranged in a standard proscenium style configuration with the stage along the west wall of the room. The room can also be configured in the round. There are additional fees for the change in seating configuration. A minimum four (4) hour call for two (2) crew members plus Venue Coordinator is required for both the set up and strike.
  • *If you wish to reconfigure the space, you must contact Tarragon’s Production Manager with the completed drawings at least four (4) weeks prior to your rental to discuss the requirements, seating capacity and cost. You must provide the Production Manager with a floor plan of the risers that is to scale. This floor plan will be sent to the local Fire Prevention Inspector and the Fire Department will be on-site once the risers are set-up for a final inspection. Tarragon does not assume any liability for the loss of space or revenue should the Inspector not approve the set-up. The Renting Company must pay for the Venue Coordinator and crew required to return the room to the standard configuration.
  • There are three (3) entrances to the space and these must be kept clear of obstructions at all times. Seating Capacity: 50
  • Maximum Room occupancy: 60 (including audience, front of house representative, actors, technicians and stage management)


Tarragon does not provide a sound system in the room. Should you decide to bring in any equipment, contact Tarragon’s Production Manager at least four (4) weeks prior to your rental to discuss the requirements and labour.


Any set / prop pieces you wish to store for the duration of your stay can be stored in the room as long as it is not blocking any of the exits. No set pieces can be placed outside of the room at any time as these areas are fire corridors and must remain clear.