Opportunities for Artists and Playwrights

Introducing Yourself To Tarragon

Tarragon Theatre has an almost fifty-year history of developing new Canadian plays. At any given time, we have plays that are just beginning, plays in their mid-life in workshops, and plays in production. We are always seeking out exceptional theatre artists – playwrights, directors, actors, designers and dramaturgs – and we offer a variety of opportunities at the theatre.

See below to find out more information about specific programs we offer to playwrights/creators and actors.

If you’ve checked out our programs and still have questions, or if you want to reach out to us about your work, you can contact Myekah Payne, Associate Artistic Director at [email protected]

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Playwrights & Theatre Creators

Tarragon Theatre offers a host of play development programs to support playwrights, theatre creators and their plays, and is always on the lookout for new voices and new work. While Tarragon does not accept unsolicited script submissions, we welcome contact from interested playwrights and theatre creators. If you wish to introduce yourself and your work to Tarragon, here are a few avenues to consider:

If you would like some general information on programs and opportunities that support new plays and playwrights at Tarragon Theatre, please contact [email protected]


Playwrights In Residence


If you are presenting your play, either as a reading or a full production, feel free to invite a member of artistic staff to a performance. Please include a brief introduction of yourself and your company, as well as a synopsis of your play and a complete list of reading/performance dates (if applicable).

If you are looking for funding and support for your work as a playwright, Tarragon Theatre provides several opportunities. Please click on the links below for more information.

If you want to learn more about playwriting, you can check out courses we offer to playwrights, dramaturgs, directors and actors as part of Tarragon’s Centre for Theatre Creation. We also offer youth and student programs for playwrights, directors and actors.

See below to find out more information about specific programs.

Programs for Playwrights

Urjo Kareda Residency Grant For an Emerging Theatre Artist


Each year, residents participate in a 20 week residency which takes place over 10 months. The applicant must be/become a resident in the Greater Toronto Area for the duration of the proposed program (travel stipend is available). 

Applications are now open for the 2021/22 Residency. 

The Bulmash-Siegel New Creation Development Award

The Bulmash Siegel New Creation Development Award has been established to support an artist in the creation of a new contemporary Canadian work in collaboration with Tarragon Theatre for a period of up to 15 weeks.

This $7000 grant is made possible by the support of the Bulmash Siegel Foundation.

Applications are now open

Recommender Grants for Theatre Creators 

The Recommender Grants for Theatre Creators program, funded by the Ontario Arts Council, supports playwrights and creation collectives in the development of new Canadian work.

Tarragon Theatre sees this program as an opportunity to provide time for playwrights and/or creators to create. It offers artists the opportunity to conduct research on a potential play, to move from an idea to a first draft, work on subsequent drafts of a play or – if the project is a collective creation – the time to improvise/create in the rehearsal hall.

In assessing and selecting potential projects, Tarragon will apply the same principles we use when selecting plays in general. There are no restrictions on content or form. We are drawn to creators and plays that demonstrate talent for the medium of theatre, possess a strong and unique voice or point of view, probe the human condition, and evoke rich and complex worlds. For those creators unfamiliar with our work, the best example of our artistic vision and aesthetic can be found in our productions.

We are open to the variety of needs and approaches depending on each individual creator, and to projects that are in all stages of development. Each application will be reviewed individually on its own merits and needs.

To apply – 

  • Paper applications or PDF applications will not be mailed or emailed  to Tarragon.
  • All applications will be submitted to Tarragon through Nova, the Ontario Arts Council’s online application system.
  • Recommenders no longer notify applicants. All applicants are notified by OAC through their Nova account.

The Bill Glassco Playwright-in-Residence


This season Tarragon is thrilled to announce the continuation of our highly successful Bill Glassco Playwright-in-Residence position. Unique in Canadian theatre, the position is a fully-salaried two-year term.

The Bill Glassco Playwright-in-Residence was Rosa Laborde from 2019-2021. Previously the position was held by Jason Sherman in 2017- 2019.

The Bill Glassco Playwright-in-Residence was generously supported by George Youssef, a long-time advocate of Tarragon Theatre.

Play Reading Series


Each Spring, Tarragon hosts our annual Play Reading Series. It’s a chance for our playwrights-in-residence to hear their plays read in front of an audience and it’s a chance for you to get a sneak peek into their newest creations.

RBC Tarragon Emerging Playwright Prize

Tarragon Theatre and the RBC Foundation are pleased to support the RBC Tarragon Emerging Playwright Prize, one of Canada’s most prestigious prizes for new artists.

Since 2008, this program has received submissions from every corner of the country. To qualify for the prize, a playwright must be emerging, which is defined as someone with less than five years of professional playwriting experience.

Each year, Tarragon solicits nominations for the RBC Tarragon Emerging Playwright Prize from select artistic directors across the country, then assembles a reading committee to determine the prize winner during the summer. The jury of nominators changes every competition, and will be announced along with the winner each year. The theatre does not accept unsolicited nominations for this award.

We’re pleased to announce the 2020/2021 RBC Tarragon Emerging Playwright Prize has been awarded to Zach Running Coyote.

The winner receives an $8000 prize, a year’s worth of dramaturgical support from Tarragon Theatre’s artistic staff, and a public reading during the theatre’s annual Play Reading Series.


Tarragon Theatre will be holding general auditions from January 21st to January 23rd, 2022.

Deadline for submissions is Wednesday December 22nd,2021.

We encourage submissions from artists of all backgrounds, lived experiences, ages and gender identities.

All actors will be asked to prepare:
– One Canadian contemporary monologue
– One piece of their choosing that may demonstrate an additional skill. (EX. singing, dancing, spoken word, original creation, another contrasting monologue)

There will be the ability to play music from a device (Bluetooth speaker), however there will be no instruments or accompanist provided.

All actors selected for an audition will have a maximum of five minutes to perform their

Tarragon Theatre will be seeing CAEA and non-CAEA actors by appointment only. CAEA members will be seen on the January 21 and January 22. Non-affiliated actors will be seen on January 23.

Auditions will be held in person, however, there will be a few slots available for a virtual audition in the latter part of the day on the 21st and 22nd.

Please indicate your CAEA and/or other affiliation status and include a brief cover letter in the body of your e-mail submission, also make sure to attach your headshot and resume.

Only those selected for appointments will be contacted.

Agents please submit each client in a separate e-mail.
Please consult with your clients before submitting.

Deadline for submissions is Wednesday December 22nd, 2021
Please send all submissions to [email protected]